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Expert craftsmanship

Craftsmanship, precision and a passionate, experienced team are what makes B4 & After unique. Our 30+ year history showcases our commitment to setting new standards, and our focus on doing it right.

Our story is always about you.

It starts with your hopes and ends with your dream home becoming a reality. With care and expertise, we're committed to treating your home like it is our own along the way, thinking of you in everything we do.

We set the bar high.

With our extensive 30+ years of experience as a luxury homebuilder, we have the right foundation to help you through the homebuilding process. We pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship as our team cares about your home, like it is our own.

Our team is passionate.

From start to finish, our passionate and knowledgeable team will deliver your dream, down to the last detail. Our family-grown business prides ourselves on what we are known for: our trustworthiness, consistent quality customer service, and extensive knowledge.

Our story is nothing without our team and creative partners.

We work with a strong network of architects and designers so that you can feel confident in not only our team, but those around us too. We always surround ourselves with good company, because we know we are only as good as our partners.

From CEO & Founder

From CEO & Founder

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